Tina Nolan

Managing Director
Tina Nolan
Tina Nolan is the Managing Director of Lexica and the Executive Director of Healthcare Strategy and Planning.

Tina is a founding director of Lexica. She joined the new company in 2014 to establish a Healthcare Strategy + Planning team bringing her 20 years’ experience in major health infrastructure projects in the UK and internationally. Prior to joining Lexica, Tina was a shareholder in a niche management consultancy, Healthcare Partnering, and before that she was Partner Lead for Healthcare Planning at EC Harris and a shareholder/director of RKW Healthcare Strategists for 12 years. An architect by background, Tina is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading healthcare planners. She leads the largest team of dedicated healthcare planners in the UK.

As Managing Director, Tina leads the long-term strategic growth of the business in health and life sciences and ensures Lexica develops as a client-focused consultancy.

Tina is also one of the founding directors of the Healthcare Planning Academy, which provides a professional development resource to practitioners to support the continuous improvement of industry standards.