Imtiaz Bala

Imtiaz Bala
Imtiaz Bala is a Healthcare Strategy and Planning Director at Lexica.

Imtiaz is a healthcare planner with more than 20 years of experience in leading, working within and contributing to highly collaborative multi-disciplined and multi-functional teams with a focus on healthcare restructuring, analytics and business case development. He is experienced in stakeholder engagement at all levels, working with clinicians, operational managers and design teams to serve as an intelligent gateway between all parties. He has a deep understanding of the metrics needed to ensure that policymakers and healthcare businesses have the relevant information to lead and develop the right kind of change.

Imtiaz has recently completed an international project on the future healthcare strategy and the associated implications for capacity requirements in the Middle East and is currently managing one of the largest and most complex UK NHP projects.

Imtiaz actively mentors and develops people in the team, sharing knowledge and his experiences from across the health system.