Heidi Burgoyne

Hedi Burgoyne
Heidi Burgoyne is a Project Management Director at Lexica.

With more than 20 years’ experience in project management, Heidi has extensive experience in managing teams to deliver complex projects from inception to completion. Heidi works closely with stakeholders, boards and funding bodies to understand their strategic objectives and translate them into solutions.

Heidi’s achievements include:

  • APM Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)
  • NEC3 and NEC4 accredited project manager
  • AECOM Special Reward Scheme winner 2014
  • Nominee for Women in Construction Awards 2012 (PM of the Year)
  • Lecturer at The Faraday Institute

Being one of two lecturers selected to represent Marconi, Heidi spent three months during 2020 touring theatre venues throughout the UK presenting to and encouraging students to choose a career in science and engineering. Currently a member of the APM Chartered Panel, Heidi is also an active volunteer for the Association for Project Management.